The crypto space is relatively young and the XRP Rich List confirms it. If you’re new to XRP you likely haven’t heard of the XRP Rich List, a nifty website that allows you to explore the XRP ledger in different ways. The XRP Rich List was created by Wietse Wind a.k.a. pepperew, one of the XRP community’s most appreciated members. Wietse has created similar solutions including the XRP Tip Bot, an XRP tipping system that works through Twitter, Discord and Reddit.

It’s important to remember these numbers change every day. The stats were pulled on the day this article was written.


There are 46 billion XRP in wallets

There are exactly 99,991,926,580 XRP at the time of writing this article. This number is getting smaller over time as XRP is burned in every transaction.

Of this amount 46 billion is in XRP wallets including the wallets of many exchanges. Ripple owns just over 7 billion out of this 46 billion. The rest is in escrow.


There are almost 1.3 million XRP wallets

1,277,590 accounts to be exact. These wallets include many exchange wallets that hold XRP belonging to the exchange’s users.


Only .01% of wallets hold more than 100 million XRP

This amounts to roughly 130 accounts, each holding more than 100 million XRP. In contrast, around 1300 accounts hold each between one and twenty million XRP. Keep in mind these numbers include wallets belonging to exchanges.

Graph: XRP Rich list - Top wallets


Almost 20% of wallets hold less than 20 XRP

Close to 251,000 wallets hold 20 XRP or less and around 50% of wallets hold 48 XRP or less. A surprising fact considering that XRP is currently the third largest coin based on market cap alone. Again, it’s important to remember that a lot of people are using their exchange’s wallet so the reality of these numbers is likely different.


The top 10 wallets own almost 81% of all XRP in circulation

There are just over 37.6 million XRP in the top 100 XRP wallets which amounts to 80.9% of all XRP in circulation. However, this percentage drops to 37.6% taking into account all existing XRP.


3,000 XRP is enough to be in the top 10%

The minimum amount of XRP needed to be included in the top 10% of wallets is just over 2,800 XRP.



These stats are interesting to think about even though the real numbers are tough to know given the lack of information on exchange wallets. Visit Wietse Wind’s XRP Rich List for more information. You may choose to donate XRP to Wietse using the XRP Tip Bot button below.

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