A very interesting video was published on Ripple products and XRP yesterday May 16th on YouTube. The YouTuber’s name is Susie and her channel is called Esoteric Trading Solutions where she teaches people about the crypto market. Her analysis of XRP predicts a price of $334.47 over a 3 year period. The video is almost an hour long but I am here to break it down for you all.


SWIFT & Its extinction

Her video can be summed up in 3 parts. First she goes over in great detail how SWIFT currently moves money from bank to bank. Essentially, if a bank uses SWIFT to move money that bank loses a good portion of the money they sent. And because banks move hundreds of millions of dollars of money to different countries they must keep this transaction on their books as a negative until the funds can be moved over to the other side successfully. This process can take up to 3 days or more.


Ripple products & XRP

Susie then explains all of Ripple’s current products which include xVia, xCurrent and xRapid. She then takes the products and explains in detail how Ripple would do it. And of course it was done in seconds with zero errors. The main point here is that banks and other institutions that want to send money to a different country do not have to take a negative on their books because the transaction is settled so quickly.


XRP price prediction

The last part she talks about is the estimated price prediction. She assums that Ripple will corner 10% of banks and money transfer companies in the world with xCurrent. Take a note that she mentions financial institutions using xCurrent not xRapid. I wonder what her price prediction would be taking xRapid into account.

When all was said and done her price prediction for XRP in one year would be at a staggering $334.47.

Remember to always do your own research and invest responsibly. This is not financial advice.

Check out the full video here:

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