Brad Garlinghouse is one of the most publicly active members at Ripple. He is constantly appearing in major conferences, panels and interviews to fight the good fight for XRP and Ripple. Garlinghouse is a great speaker and his guest appearances are one of the major FUD fighters right now.

This time around Brad was a guest in the 2018 Code Conference along with other big industry names like James Murdoch from 21st Century Fox and Jose Tasi from Alibaba Group, among many others.


Brad Garlinghouse at Code Conference 2018

Code Conference is an invitation-only media and technology conference where the biggest names in technology get together to discuss the current and future state of digital technology.

In the interview, the panel discusses major themes in blockchain today, including the future of blockchain in terms of regulations and use cases for blockchain in government and business. Brad is interviewed by Recode’s Peter Kafka, appearing alongside Bridget van Kralingen, Senior Vice President of IBM Global Industries, Platforms and Blockchain, and Kathryn Haun, a lecturer from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

We need to follow rules around money laundering and what’s called [Know Your Customer] and those that are trying to circumvent that will be short lived.

– Brad Garlinghouse at Code Conference 2018

Check out the full 35-minute interview with Brad Garlinghouse, Bridget van Kralingen and Kathryn Haun:

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