Today Ripple announced a brand new initiative called Xpring – pronounced “spring”. Its mission is to help new and old businesses shift their focus to using the XRP ledger and help them utilize blockchain technology.

The initiative will invest in, incubate, acquire and provide grants to companies and projects run by proven entrepreneurs that use the XRP Ledger and the digital asset XRP to solve their customers’ problem in a transformative way. –

What Is Ripple’s Xpring?

Xpring is a supporter of businesses that use the XRP ledger & the Interledger, and why would you want to use these products? It’s because they help new businesses and content creators create new avenues of value. I can now support my favorite YouTuber by just browsing their website while sending them streams of pennies for just being on their site. I, as a consumer, no longer need to view ads or purchase subscriptions in order to view pictures or videos from popular artists. I can connect to the XRP ledger or the Interledger and support them in new more effective and efficient way. This is what xPring is all about – helping creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses realize the potential of XRP and the Interledger. As a side note, huge support from David Schwartz for xSpring, who is now the CTO of Ripple. Congratulations to him from

David Schwartz tweets about Xpring

Xspring’s Potential

The implications of a business world that sits on the XRP ledger or the Interledger is absolutely game changing. We will no longer have to think of transferring value from bank to bank. Rather, we will see value being transferred through viewing and browsing websites, chatting with folks on apps or the internet, and even viewing streams of your favorite creators. In fact, this has already started.

In a previous post I mentioned that an old school video game called Quake III was built on the Interledger. It was possible for folks to stream pennies to the person playing the game. You can view the article here. The potential is mind boggling. Imagine a whole internet that sits on top of the XRP ledger or the Interledger? It will fundamentally change the way advertisement businesses function & the subscription models work. It will be able to touch and affect every industry and every business model. These new businesses that will be created because of the Interledger and the XRP ecosystem will be game changing. Check out the Interledger Tweet below.

Tweet by Interledger Protocol

Have an idea for a use case?

If you have any ideas or an established business that wants to shift into the Internet of Value you can contact xPring here. Although they are already evaluating over 100 different companies there is always a chance your idea can get picked up.

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