I’m talking about bearableguy123. It has been the hot topic in the crypto world recently, specially in many specialized XRP forums and communities. This person who named himself ‘bearableguy123’ has gotten a big following in a matter of days from his posts.

BG123 has made wild claims and predictions, most of which have come true. He predicted MoneyGram would use Ripple’s products and has posted several cryptic videos, posts and images on Reddit and Twitter. He (or she?) has gone as far as to suggest a price point for XRP of more than $500 by the end of 2018. Could he be right?


Potential Ripple insider is driving the Ripple community crazy!

Who is this bearableguy123? Where did he come from? He popped out of nowhere and took the cryptosphere by storm. The reason for this is that this BG123 made multiple predictions which eventually turned out to be true.

Image posted by bearableguy123 on Reddit (2018)

He posted a picture of MoneyGram that hinted at a partnership with Walmart which turned out to be true. He also posted a picture of school children months before Ripple made a huge donation to donorschoose.org and therefore funded all of the projects that were put on the site by teachers from all around the USA.

The speculation about the identity of bearableguy has even gotten to the point where people speculate that Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple,  is the potential insider.

It’s safe to say that we should take this bearableguy123 personality serious. But to what extent? A $589 price prediction for the end of 2018 is not small talk. This guy is serious. He knows stuff we don’t. Or does he? Nobody knows for real. Some of his claims have been debunked while other predictions have been completely correct.

Bearableguy also pointed out that Ripple is more than a digital asset. It’s a security for banks all around the world. Bearableguy believes these banks will adopt XRP in the years to come which will make XRP the global standard.

What’s also interesting is that Jcollins from Philosophy of Metrics considers Ripple’s Interledger as the new world bank, surpassing both BTC and US dollar which is currently used as the main bridge currency around the world. Jcollins points out that each nation will develop their own ledger and will hold other their own cryptocurrencies exchangeable through the Interledger.

XRP will be the bridge asset which serves to connect all assets and ledgers through the Interledger Protocol (ILP) – Jcollins

Crypto has been on a big downtrend lately and many Ripple investors expect the tides to turn very soon. In the end, bearableguy123 is definitely keeping XRP investors at the edge of their seats during these hard times.

Featured image by Marco Verch – CC By 2.0

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