We know that Ripple is growing week by week with new clients and new employees. With the amazing growth we can definitely expect to see Ripple shine at its booth at Consensus 2018.


Ripple’s defining presence at Consensus

Ripple has one of the biggest booths at Consensus 2018. David Schwartz, Ripple’s Chief Cryptographer, will be speaking at the event on Monday 1:30 pm EST. Make sure to catch the live stream here.

David Schwartz speaking about blockchain in public

David Schwartz: ”What is blockchain and what is one good for?”


Information & Knowledge

The obvious topics I suspect will be abundant information on Ripple products – xVia, xCurrent and  the all-favorite xRapid.

Ripple loves educating and promoting the inner workings of their products to clients and the public. The more information we have the better we are able to understand these products fully. I could definitely see the Ripple team going deep into their products and company dynamics. We have to understand that this type of technology has never been introduced to the world so a sharper focus on education and transparent information about the company and its products is in everyone’s best interest.


Big announcements for Ripple?

The big question: will there be any announcements at Consensus? In my opinion I do not think so. New partnerships and deals are typically released in a very well-executed fashion. There is a press release and news articles are written to promote partnerships in a more widespread manner.  I wouldn’t expect to see anything big but maybe someone will share some breadcrumbs.

In addition, XRP Community Night is on Tuesday May 15th. With all the hype surrounding the event I could potentially see some sort of announcement taking place – but again, I am not expecting anything besides solid information and more knowledge on Ripple and its products. Still a win-win!

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