Bearableguy123 is one of the most recent controversial characters in crypto. His XRP price predictions are astronomical and his speculation on several Ripple-related matters has been spot on at times. His latest controversy comes after closing down one of the popular Ripple and XRP-related subreddits.


Bearableguy sets r/Rippled subreddit to private

Bearableguy is the only moderator in r/Rippled, one of the more active Ripple & XRP subreddits. Bearableguy has set the r/Rippled subreddit to private on threats of being doxxed – the online practice of researching the private details of a user’s life including personally identifiable information and broadcasting the data to the internet.

Screenshot of bearableguy's reason for setting r/Rippled to private

Message from bearableguy123 upon entering r/Rippled

The message on r/Rippled currently reads as follows:

They are trying to dox me again so for now I will shut this subreddit down and “batten down the hatches.” Everyone take a break. Step back from the cryptosphere, stop looking at the blockfolio app and checking XRPs’ price. Go spend time with yourself, family, & friends. Beware of imposters and fake countdown clocks. I won’t post under any other name. /r/Rippled may or may not be back up on June 1.

The moderators of this subreddit have set it to private. You must be a moderator or approved submitter to visit.

A snapshot of r/Rippled's description before it the subreddit was set to private

A snapshot of r/Rippled’s description before the subreddit was set to private

XRP takes a dive

Many XRP holders are having a hard time with the recent continuation of one of the biggest downtrends crypto has seen so far. XRP’s price nearly doubled from .45 USD to a high of almost 97 cents before consistently grinding down to our current price of 55 cents. The carnage has been pretty bad and even the strongest XRP holders are seen lurking and kicking the ground in online forums and chat rooms. However, this does not justify doxing a member of the crypto community no matter how wild his claims and predictions.

XRPUSD daily price chart for 2018


SBI Virtual Currencies launch is close

SBI Group has launched SBI Virtual Currencies and has been offering pilot sales of XRP since January 2018. SBI Group and Ripple have been partners through SBI Ripple Asia, where SBI Group has just over 10% stake in Ripple and 60% of the SBI Ripple Asia.

SBI Group registered for exchange of cryptocurrency and trading business in September 2017 according to its most recent Financial Results presentation. SBI Group revealed that it would determine a starting date for a full launch of SBI Virtual Currencies after the G20 discussions this past March. SBI Group wrote on page 105 of its report:

A full-scale starting date for XRP, utilizing Huobi’s system for exchange model services for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin, will be decided based on the G20 discussions (Mar. 19-20), the response of the Japanese Financial Services to CoinCheck’s hacking problems and the regulatory trends of the various governments

SBI VC’s website is currently live. On February 27 the company announced that service would be postponed to ”further strengthen security measures” among other relevant improvements to several systems in the exchange. There is no official date yet but the company announced it would start operations in the Summer. The company announced on March 9 that SBI Group would undergo ”cancellation of capital and business tie-up with Huobi group” according to the company’s website.

Many people still do not realize how relevant SBI Virtual Currencies will be to the crypto and the XRP ecosystem in particular. SBI Virtual Currencies will be linked to more than 40 major banks through SBI Group and all of its customers will have easy access to XRP and other crypto once the exchange launches.

”The momentum that this adoption will generate is going to be historic”

Hodor on XRP Chat

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