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XRPworld is a site made by Ripple fans and for Ripple fans. Our goal is to bring reliable well-written news for you, the reader, to enjoy. The site has been founded in early 2018 and is planning to stay for many years to come. Although we focus on Ripple XRP, it’s not the only thing we write about. We also publish articles about other cryptocurrencies that are interesting. We are invested in XRP ourselves and we share the same ideas as Ripple the company has. Although we like Ripple, we tend to not only cover the good sides. We try to keep it real to our readers so if there’s any important news that’s negative, we will post it. It’s important to know that this site was not made to spread only good things about Ripple. We’re not trying to push XRP to all of our visitors. We want an honest website for everyone to enjoy. If you’re a Ripple supporter or not. This is the about us page so far.


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